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Understanding Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a way of purifying drinking water in which a semipermeable membrane filters impurities out of water. Outside pressure forces water through the membrane, leaving behind any particles that are larger than water molecules. It is effective in eliminating water contaminants and other undesirable compounds including lead, fluoride and bacteria.
Many individuals are concerned about what their community tap water contains. Recently, the fluoride added to drinking water in many cities to reduce the occurrence of cavities has been shown to have negative health effects. Additionally, lead is often present in water that travels through older water pipes. An accumulation of lead in the body can be dangerous. Reverse osmosis efficiently filters fluoride and lead out of water along with various other potential hazardous contaminants such as bacteria and arsenic.  
While taste is subjective, reverse osmosis improves the taste of water for many by cleaning it of unwanted chemicals or debris. The systems are relatively low maintenance because they are designed with simplicity. They have few parts and are easy to care for. Furthermore, purchasing cases of bottled water for drinking can add up so the installation of a reverse osmosis system in the home can save money over time.
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