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If Your Water Is Not Becoming to You, You Should Be Coming to Us!

Five Stages

  • Stage One: Sediment Prefilter – A prefilter sediment cartridge is utilized, which because of the fine micron rating, is effective in removing dirt and sand particles.
  • Stage Two: Initial Carbon Prefilter – The high-quality carbon prefilter provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor and color.
  • Stage Three: Secondary Carbon Prefilter – This secondary carbon prefilter provides for improved membrane performance.
  • Stage Four: High Capacity Reverse Osmosis Membrane – Aquatronics features a 50-gallon per day Filmtec™ Membrane, which is considered one of the top-rated membranes in the industry.
  • Stage Five: Final Carbon Postfilter – This filter provides final polishing of processed water leaving the storage tank.
purified water

High-Purifying Alkalinity Filters

Aquatronics offers multiple alkaline filter options on complete reverse osmosis (RO) units or as an upgrade package to any existing RO unit. Alkaline filters raise pH and introduce ionized calcium, magnesium, potassium and other healthy minerals back into water, turning your standard RO into a natural alkali water machine. The key is utilizing dolomite natural alkalinity and will probably give you the cleanest/healthiest water available.

Acid Neutralizers

We provide acid neutralizers and various neutralizing systems to combat high- and low-pH systems with a blend of calcium and magnesium carbonates, that will dissolve into the water, thereby adjusting the pH. Chemical-based, pH-modification systems are also utilized.

Low pH

Acidic water, water with a low pH, can cause many issues. Most importantly though, acidic water can be contaminated with copper, lead, and other metals from piping, fixtures and appliances, turning good water into contaminated drinking water without treatment. Other issues of acidic water include:

  • Increased lead levels in drinking water
  • Corrosion of fixtures
  • Blue staining on copper pipes
  • Rust staining on iron pipes
  • Pinhole in plumbing
  • Frequent calls to the plumber

High pH

Basic water, water with a high pH, may be seen when water appears to be hard. It may also have an alkali taste, leave noticeable deposits on dishes after washing, make soap difficult or unable to lather, and leave skin feeling dry. It also has a corrosive effect to plumbing and fixtures.

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