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If Your Water Is Not Becoming to You, You Should Be Coming to Us!

Professional Help for Water Quality Issues
​in Central New Jersey

To complement our array of water treatment services, we specialize in unusual water quality issues, and we build customized water treatment systems. We can remove the following contaminants:​

  • Chromium Remediation
  • Arsenic
  • Chemicals
  • Lead/Iron
  • Odors
  • pH Removal
  • Arsenic Removal
  • Manganese
  • Radon
  • Sulfur
  • Bacteria
  • Nitrate Removal
  • Hardness
  • Staining
  • Radiation
  • Chemical Removal
  • Sulfur Removal

Acidity, Iron & Bacterial Control

Modern technology with a proven track record are incorporated in the many systems we provide for efficient reduction in these common water quality problems. We strive to minimize chemical based technologies for natural aeration and healthier systems.


Radon is a harmful radioactive gas.  It is tasteless, colorless and odorless.  It can build up within the house structure.  Chronic exposure may cause lung cancer.  Radon decays (breaks down-half life) at a rate of 3.8 days.  This means that in 3.8 days only half of a given amount of the radon would be left.
Treatment involves a high quality activated granular type carbon/aeration and venting can help reduce gas.  With carbon absorption.

Radioactivity in Water

Ionizing (electrically charged) radiation is a result of the natural decay (half-life) of radioactive elements in the atmosphere and within the earth's crust.  Although adverse biological effects to human health can occur over time through inhalation and to limited extent ingestion  of radioactive elements in water, food and air, awareness is very important.  Background radiation is always a chronic source as well.  All of these sources unfortunately do add up and are potential cancer causing agents.

Rotten egg odor/Hydrogen sulfide

This gas readily dissolves in water.  In higher concentrations it is considered corrosive and can stain silverware black.  Hydrogen sulfide can change in nature and may exist in various forms.   Again a (WQA) certified professional can resolve these issues.  Only with proper treatment will this problem be successfully mitigated.


The major sources are naturally occurring in soil and rock formations and from the many decades of manufacturing fertilizers, pesticides and other industrial applications, such as mining and copper smelting.  Eventually the arsenic (+3, +5 species) can migrate into the water supply through rain and snow.
Treatment of total arsenic requires the water passing through two non-backwashing tanks for extended contact time (very important to effectively reduce the more harmful species-As+3).


Finally, a new source of potential concern may be in Radiopharmaceuticals which is the release of radioactive elements into the environment from active clinical medical programs and procedures (such as isotopes of Iodine).  Many pharmaceuticals are not removed from municipal water company.
Check with our certified professionals for proper remediation.  They will have the answers.         

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