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If Your Water Is Not Becoming to You, You Should Be Coming to Us!


Improve the quality of your water and save money when you choose from the many water softener systems we offer from Aquatronics. We build our state-of-the-art systems from our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components, ensuring the highest quality control.

This saves you money and helps you save the environment. In addition, our softeners also help to prevent the buildup of harmful mineral scale, adding years to pipes, appliances and hot water heaters, quickly paying for the system throughout its use.

Water Softening

Washing with our conditioned water is simply a pleasure. It helps you achieve naturally smooth skin and shiny, silky hair. In addition, shaving cream lubricates better for a closer shave.

Soft water isn't just for skin. Laundry detergents work better. In addition, your clothes last longer with our conditioned water, because it helps clothes stay softer and brighter. Laundry comes out cleaner, and fabrics look brighter, feel softer and smell fresher.


Cleaner & Fresher

Soft water also helps highlight fresh, natural flavors, making food taste fresher, beverages better and soups more savory – even ice cubes are better, because our system removes iron and manganese. Likewise, dishes are cleaner and sparkle brighter when you use hot conditioned water, because it thoroughly cleans dishes, glassware and silverware. Technologies include program timer, mechanical demand and microprocessor demand systems.


We receive many questions regarding ultraviolet light. Here are some of the more common questions we receive. For bacteria, microbes and many viruses, this technology is considered the best available technology (BAT) of efficient remediation without the need of chemicals for post-treatment equipment.

What is UV?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a natural "violet energy" wavelength of the invisible end of the light spectrum. Even though we can't see UV light, we are exposed to UV rays from all light sources, including the sun. Other contaminants that are removed by UV are E. coli, fecal bacteria, and yeast and molds from the water.

How does ultraviolet light purify water?

UV-C rays penetrate the cells of harmful bacteria and viruses in our drinking water, destroying their ability to reproduce. Without this ability, these organisms die and no longer pose a health threat. It is a simple but very effective process, with the system destroying 99.99 percent of harmful microorganisms.

Does a UV system use a lot of energy?

No, the UV unit will use about the same amount of energy as a 60-watt light bulb. It is a cost-effective, natural way to increase water quality.

How often does the UV lightbulb, or lamp, need to be replaced?

It is essential that you change your UV lamp annually. The ability of the lamp to emit UV light decreases after one year in operation. Remember, UV light is invisible. Even though the lamp is still glowing after one year, there might not be enough UV light reaching your water for the system to be effective.

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